What’s The Story Then?

Thy name is Sanchayita Sharma Goswami but I am better known as Bublee.. ForexDiva Bublee.

That’s the WHO. 

The WHERE could most readily be described as the country I was made in.. ..India but I am re-engineered in London, United Kingdom where I live. I trade the Financial Markets from my home office.

 There is a vast difference between being a mum/homemaker/working from home and trading the financial markets from home.

The WHAT is easy…

I share my trading knowledge via online videos and blogs and support people to start their trading journey just like I did in 2010.

 I launched this website in 2011 by just blogging about my trading journey, my experience, mindset & training I gathered along the way. Later I stumbled upon e-mini futures which made me stick to the trading world.That’s also the WHEN. 

 As for the WHY

..beyond the obvious financial motivation of trading the market....is exceedingly simple… BECAUSE I CAN and so can YOU!  I believe in economic empowerment and creating more traders could be my small contribution towards it. That's also part of MY WHY-  PURPOSE

Which leaves us only with the HOW..

 My weekly trading hours break downs to:

Forex (Foreign Exchange/Currency market)– 80% 

Indices ( Eminis/Futures i.e- DowJones, S&P500, DAX, NASDAQ: 15% 

Options: -1 trade a month 5% (20 minutes a month)

Saying that… I don't stare at the charts all the time. I check for setups to enter the market between 7am-9am, 2pm -4pm and once before bedtime 10pm-10.30pm 


New to the market?  Have just started trading?

Here is what my 15 minutes free consultation can do for you.

-> Answer your questions on your trading journey.

-> Give you the tools/ software/strategy to start trading profitably.

-> Check your trading journey /trades and streamline how to improve your trades with a proper trading plan and risk management.

The Beginning:

Trading The Financial Market is pretty much treated as a closed community affair. Before I started trading, I had no clue that, what I now do, was even possible.  

Moreover, I didn’t know anyone remotely connected to the trading world.

In addition, I had all the preconceived ideas of fear,risk,huge capital investments related to trading. Gosh, even Hollywood plays a nasty part by showing  traders as bad guys in the movies!

Well, I have always been self employed most of my life. As an entrepreneur, Freedom is what you choose.

 New Mum: 

2010 was a self realisation year where I wanted to improve and learn skills plus find something to work that could fit in with my new lifestyle of being a mum.

After months of buying waaayyy too many courses, eBooks, seminars, webinars, trying out internet marketing,  network marketing, eCommerce and promises of get rich quick......

I stumbled upon Forex at a seminar and strange enough at a property seminar which had a half an hour wealth section in it. 

I decided to focus on trading as it gave me the liberty to work part-time and I could start with a small pot of money. Besides, I didn’t need to hire employees or sell products & services to customers. 

A two-day intensive Forex trading course here in London didn’t get me far but it was a start. It took me 3 months to place my first trade. I had zero confidence , overwhelmed with the new jargons and desperately wanted someone to guide me place the trade and that is what I do now for new traders...support them to start their trading journey.

Believing In Myself: 

After blowing up several accounts, I still wanted to make this work. I knew that if I could hone this skill, I could even teach it to my children. The market has ups and downs but there are no off time, redundancy or recession and as long as money is circulated in this world, I have a business that I could rely on. I could even do it part-time. That kept me going ! 

I invested on more books, courses, EA’s, tried different strategies at different hours of the day and night,  got mentored. Heck! I even changed my diet to be in a better frame of mind for my trades.

Sometimes, I paused, I recharged but never gave it up and glad I kept going. The first 2-3 years are crucial.  

Forex was my entry into the huge financial world. I loved it. Later I discovered indicies and commodities which I felt blended with my trading lifestyle and psychology (very important aspect of a trader). I focus more on that now but my first love has always been forex as it taught me the mindset of being a professional trader.

As you get to know me, you will find that I am bold, disciplined and totally hooked on my trading. I love connecting to fellow traders and beginners.

I just love the market. Correction. I am “IN LOVE” with the market.

I am a constant learner and my webinars with the industry leaders are a way to share the knowledge to my community who wants to learn to trade the market and how to spot opportunities in the charts in order to make money.

The market is HUGE. I realised that you don’t need to know everything about the market but know the fundamentals well, keep a journal, have a plan, learn from your mistakes, focus on taking better trades and it could  be a rewarding experience.

It does not matter if the market is going UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS, you can make money in any trend. You just need the right approach , risk management and MINDSET.

 Happy Trading.

Bublee (aka The Forex Diva) 

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